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About Us

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Our Story

Dink N Drinks is the brain child of Jerry Jayapal one of the top pickleball players and pro coaches in San Diego. 

Jerry is the program director at Bobby Riggs Racket and Paddle, an iconic pickleball facility. He has become one of the most sought after coaches and has been fortunate to hone his coaching skills by working alongside several of the top players in the game including Ben Johns (world #1), Callan Dawson (world #7), Jay Devilliers (world #8), Callie Smith (world #2), Steve Dawson, Jen Dawson (world #1 senior), Irina Tereschenko (world #9), Meghan Sheehan-Dizon (world #11), and others. Prior to pickleball Jerry was a collegiate tennis player who coached tennis for a decade, the majority as a USPTA and PTR pro. 

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If Jerry is the brainchild of Dink N Drinks, Brandon is the heartbeat. With his charismatic and vibrant personality, Brandon loves to fellowship and banter with other picklers. Influential in the tennis community, Brandon is founder, lead coach and author of On The Rise Tennis, and has a following of nearly 150 students. After growing up near Seattle, Washington (the birthplace of pickleball), he has returned to his calling and acts as co-host of the biggest pickleball party in San Diego. Formerly a Division 1 tennis player, and current 5.0 pickler (in his mind he's a 5.0, but actually a 4.5)  Brandon is a certified tennis and pickleball professional and is sponsored by HEAD and Vuori. 

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